TV Show of The Week- Archer

06/06/2017 Main

Hey there all you lovely people, welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog. I have been stuck at home a lot lately, meaning that I have spend a lot of time laying on the couch with my computer plugged into the TV watching TV all day. This is good, I can’t complain about it really. I get to see more of my favourite shows, I can re-watch episodesthat I didn’t quite understand or even re-watch an entire series if I like it. That has been the case with FX’s animated spy comedy, Archer.  Read more

Polymer Clay tips and tricks for beginners

02/06/2017 Main
Polymer Clay tips and tricks for beginners 

Hi there everyone.  Welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog, Art Com News.  Today I wanted us to take a step back to our roots and look at another great but different art material.  Previously we’ve looked at artists such as Lucian Freud so hopefully you will all like today's post on Polymer Clay. Read more

Films you Already Missed

21/04/2017 Main

Hey everyone, welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog. I am a die hard film fan as you can probably tell, so I was surprised to see that there was a bunch of films released so far this year that I hadn’t seen, or even heard of! I am not just talking about all the indie films that you can watch on Netflix, but some big films from huge directors and companies. I watched them all, and here are my picks for the best movie of 2017 that you already missed. Read more

New Netflix Show - Abstract: The Art of Design

25/03/2017 Main

Hello everyone. I hope you are well. I would like to welcome you back to my arts and entertainment blog. Netflix has quite a bunch of very interesting in house shows. And lately they launched a new documentary series called "Abstract: The Art of Design". The show portrays industrial and fashion designers as well as interior designers and architects. In doing so, the film team is approaching the question of how creativity and inspiration can be generated and can lead to inspiring results. Read more

Under Apartheid in South Africa

05/12/2016 Main
Under Apartheid in South Africa

South African comic, and host of The Daily Show has recently published a memoir about life under Apartheid. Born a Crime is a fascinating, yet frightening review of growing up under the regime. It is also a show of love and respect to his amazing mother who grew up in a tiny hut with 14 other family members, determined her son would get out and not grow up under the quality of life expected in the slums of South Africa. According to the memoir his mother used to coast their old Volkswagon. without turning the ignition. to get him down to school without having to pay for gasoline. It also states at one stage they were so poor they ate spinach and worms for a whole month. His mother was extremely religious and truly believed one day her son would be a success. Read more

Best Netflix in House Shows

04/12/2016 Main
Best Netflix in House Shows 

Hey there you artsy fartsy people, hope you all had a great turkey day last week. I had a very relaxing weekend, and watched a ton of Tv shows. Thanks to this great website full of so many reasonably priced art supplies and other goods called (that should bring you straight to their arts page) I managed to have a nice weekend of making my own art(paintings of naked fruit bowl if you must know) while enjoying another type of art on the television, well specifically the internet television. I am talking about Netflix, the online streaming platform that has taken the world by storm in the past decade. Starting as a humble mail order DVD rental company, Netflix is now a worldwide known name and has even dabbled in producing shows, whether they be revivals of dead series or entirely new ones. These are some of the best, in my humble opinion. Read more


Cult Movies

21/11/2016 Main
Cult Movies

    Hello everybody, hope you are all enjoying yourselves this lovely autumn day. I thought that it would be a great time to update my Arts and Entertainment blog, and talk about Cult Classic movies in doing so. I just had a marathon session of Fargo, The Big Lebowski, and Waterworld and had such an amazing time. Cult movies are a good excuse for us to really relax and wind own. It helps when you know the movie quite well but just being involved in a big production can be fun. Having themed food, maybe some party props or costumes( although I was just in my boxers and bathrobe as The Dude all day) and the best part-themed drinks. White Russians, Grown Up Milk Shakes, and something oddly yellow colored all day. This is why The Big Lebowski has to be included anytime we have Cult Movie day, as White Russians are amazing. Pretty much the grown up version of milk. Read more

Ukulele love

19/11/2016 Main
Ukulele love

Hi guys, so today I’m going to share with you my joy of playing my newly purchased Ukulele! I had dabbled at the Piano as a kid, but never really felt any passion, not I’m not sure if that is because I wasn’t very good, or that I was a kid that wanted to do anything other than sit and play what I saw as an oldie persons instrument. A friend of mine started playing the Ukelele recently and was raving about how much fun it was, I had decided to give it a go I found a second hand one at and thats when my love for my Uke all began. Read more

Fire show

18/10/2016 Main

Fire show Read more


YouTube All-Stars

17/10/2016 Main
YouTube All-Stars

Hi guys!  Read more

Video Editing

07/10/2016 Main
Video Editing

Hello, hello, hello! How is everybody today? Raring to go I hope. In this post I wanted to talk about a recent video editing experience I had. We can class video editing as art right? It is certainly a creative endeavour so I am satisfied we can without wandering too far off topic. I was asked to splice together a bunch of smartphone videos and add some backing music and text for a crowdfunding campaign that a friend was running to raise funds for a local charity. He is a little technically challenged when it comes to anything to do with computers and video editing was way out of his comfort zone, so over to me it was. To be honest, I have no experience of video editing myself, but I am reasonably computer savvy and decided to give it a go. How hard can it be, right? As it turns out, it wasn't difficult at all. I used the basic movie making software that was preinstalled on my laptop to splice the clips together and add a fade in and out. And then I found a website that offers royalty free stock music clips in exchange for a credit under the video. A fair exchange I felt. I added a some text to the video to explain the purpose of the fund raising, outputted to mp4 and that was that. Job was a good one. I was pleased with the final video and my friend said that he got an immediate spike in donations after uploading it to the crowdfunding page, highlighting the obvious power of video. I think I am going explore video as a medium and art form in greater depth, so look out for a more substantial blog post on the subject in the coming weeks. Bye for now! Read more

Vintage Vespas

22/09/2016 Main

Vintage Vespas  Read more

Lucian Freud

20/06/2016 Main

So last night I watched the 2015 film, Legend. It is a film about the legendary Kray twins who ruled the London underworld during the 1960’s. Nothing new there you might say. There has been a film made about them before that starred the Kemp brothers of Spandau Ballet fame. This outing has little more to offer in way of the Krays story, but it does have an interesting angle to it. Both Kray brothers, Ron and Reggi, are depicted by the same actor, Tom Hardy, whom I am a great fan of. So for that reason alone, the film was worth a watch. But what on earth has this go to do with Lucian Freud you may well be asking. Well following the film, I decided to do a little further research on the Krays and came across a list of little known facts about them. And this is where I picked up this little nugget of useless info! Read more

Become A Professional Photographer

10/06/2016 Main

Become a Professional Photographer Read more

Photoshop Art

01/06/2016 Main

Adobe Photoshop is photo editing and graphic design software used by both photographers and graphic designers. The professional version is a huge program with quite a hefty price tag. There is also an ameuter, cut down version called Photoshop elements which is far more forgiving on the wallet. What a lot of artists don’t realise is that it can actually be used pretty effectively for creating stunning pieces of digital art. Using the various tools, including brushes and pencils of varying shapes and size and incorporating the various filters that Photoshop has to offer can evolve into quite the creative process. Read more

Projection Art

12/05/2016 Main

Hi Followers, it’s Hattie here again. Today I want to talk about projector art. A few years ago I borrowed a projector from a friend, projected a beautiful floral image onto my bedroom wall and then painted onto the wall using the projected image as my guide. A friend of mine has recently asked me to do something similar on her bedroom wall and has said she will pay me to do it. The only problem is, I no longer have access to a projector. I’m wondering if it might be a good idea to buy a projector so that I can do this a little, on the side, money earner from time to time.  It would also be really cool to set up a home cinema in my bedroom so that I can invite my friends around to watch films and eat popcorn! Aside from the wall with the floral mural, all the other walls in my bedroom are white, with a very flat and clean finish, so I wouldn’t even need to buy a projector screen. Read more

Frida Kahlo

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07/04/2016 Main

Hi there, Hattie here again! Hopefully you aren’t bored of me just yet because I have lots more to talk about. This week I thought it would be appropriate to share with you why I set up this blog. I mean obviously it is because I love art and want to share this passion with likeminded people but it is also because I love to write. Read more

Fem Street Art

11/03/2016 Main

I have always loved street art. In fact, I come from a city famous for its street art and artists, a city that hosts an annual street art festival.  We’ve all heard of Banksy and his innumerable works, themes and creative exhibition ideas. Many other male street artists have also come to the forefront of art appreciation in recent years. But little known are the female street artists our planet has to offer and, in my humble opinion, some of these women are far more talented than their male counterparts. Read more

Shopping Spree - Miss Me Jeans!

11/02/2016 Main

Hey guys, it’s Hattie again and this time we are going to be talking about something a little bit more modern, leading on from my last entry about my love of all things textiles, especially 19th Century. So I am still in the process of trying to do some good work with the textiles that I have been buying, so when I have something that I am slightly proud of I will let you all see the results, but for now I’m going to talk about the recent shopping spree that I went on, as my attempts at textiling can be a little frustrating! So for one entry and one entry only, my blog is kind of going down the fashion route instead of the usual art theme, so I hope that doesn’t displease too many of you! Read more

19th Century Textiles

05/02/2016 Main

It’s me again, Hattie. Just wanted to share my love of fashion with you.  Recently, I have been following the work of fashion designers throughout the ages. In particular, I am interested in vintage prints. My absolute favourite was William Morris, the 19th century British textile designer.  Although best known for his design of home interior fabrics and wallpaper, Morris also designed fabrics for garments.  What I love most about Morris’ textile design is that he created these beautiful fabrics using old methods and entirely natural dyes. Read more

My love for Retro Mopeds

04/02/2016 Main

My love for Retro Mopeds Read more


13/11/2015 Main

Hi guys. Hattie here again! How has your week been? Mine has been great. Took a weekend trip to the Lake District with my boyfriend and we had a fab time. Whilst I was there I was (trying to) drawing the stunning scenery. I didn’t do it any justice but you have to try sometimes! Read more

Art I Love

01/11/2015 Main

Hi followers! Gosh that sounds strange saying that.. I hope I have a few! It is a great morning and I have decided to kick start my blog about Art. My favourite art is probably street art... I love Banksy and everything he does. It’s a bit of a dream of mine to meet him, but I bet there are lots of us like that! I wonder if he’ll ever reveal himself??? Big cities with amazing street art, like London, Berlin and Barcelona are places that I really love to visit, and I always look at what a city offers in terms of street art before I plan a trip there. If anyone has any suggestions on that I would love to hear them! I want to make it my mission to see as many Banksy’s in as many foreign cities by the time I am 30. He was even nominated as one of the 100 most influential people, back in 2010. He sent in a photo of himself with a paper bag on his head! Read more



13/10/2015 Main

My name is Hattie and I have been in love with art from an early age… (I’m only 19 but you know what I mean) I have wanted to start own art blog for a couple of years and finally have plucked up the courage to do so. I hope you all enjoy. Read more